Is the Red Chilli Powder You Use Pure & Authentic? [Untold Facts]

Red chilli powder is a perfect condiment to the food and is a natural enhancement of flavours. 

Red hot chilli powder is a must added seasoning in any Indian food. Hot curries and savouries are highly relishable because red chilli powder boosts up the taste of the spice with its tang. 

As the name itself says, red hot chilli powder is a spicy ingredient that adds up great zest to your food.  Indian chilli powder is the best that one can get and is in popular demand worldwide.

Did you know India is the largest exporter of red hot chilli powder worldwide, especially in places like the USA, Europe, Japan, Middle East, and South East? 

But, How sure are you that the chilli powder you use is pure and authentic? 

Do you know that the red chilli powder which is a welcomed spice of all is subject to adulteration at various extents? 

Yes, it is susceptible that red chilli powder can be adulterated with various other products to enhance their colour, weight and essence

Let us look at few ways by chilli powder can be adulterated 

Brick powder 

The brick powder is one commonly used product that is adulterated and used in chilli powder. Cube of brick is ground to make a powder and are added to the chilli powder as they are look-alike to chilli powder in texture and colour. These brick powder are harmful to health and does more damage to health than one can imagine.

How do you identify if chilli powder is adulterated with brick powder? 

Take some chilli powder and powder it across the table. Then pick up a glass and rub it on the chilli powder. If you feel some roughness in the texture of the spice, then it is susceptible to be adulterated with brick powder. 


Starch is yet another adulterated product that is added to chilli powder. It is generally bulky and adds weight to the chilli powder. Hence starch powder is added along to build up weight in chilli powder.  The starch powder is not essential deteriorating to heath but makes reduces the nutrition content of the chilli powder. 

How do you identify if chilli powder is adulterated with starch?

Add the chilli powder to a glass of water and mix it up. A pure spice generally doesn’t generally mix up with or dissolve in water.  If there is an amount of starch present in it then that might show up as white residue or paste at the corners or in the end. Adding iodine solution to the chilli powder can turn the chilli powder into blue colour If starch is added to the spice. This is another method of knowing adulteration

Artificial colours 

Artificial colours are added to enhance the colour of the spice. It is evident that a darker colour can increase the appetizing nature of the food but that has been perceived in a wronger way.
Many food manufacturers use colour to enhance the colour of the spice. This does not only alter the true colour of the spice but also its nutritional value. 

How do you identify if chilli powder is adulterated with artificial colours?

Take some amount of chilli powder and sprinkle it on top of a glass of water. If you are able to see coloured streak then it can mean it is adulterated with artificial colour. You can see the spot or thread-like structures of the artificial colours lining on top. 

Soap powder

Soap powder is yet another ingredient that is mixed with chilli powder to add up texture and weight to the spice. It is harmful to health and does a lot of harm to the respiratory and digestive system. 

How do you identify if chilli powder is adulterated with soap extract?

Take some amount of red chilli powder and mix it in a glass of water. Then take some extract and mix it in your palm and sense the texture. If you feel a soap texture then it is obvious that soap extract is added to it. 

What does adulterated red chilli powder do?

  • Adulterated chilli powder can have adverse effects on your digestive system and deteriorate your gut health. 
  • Consuming red chilli with brick powder can cause the brick powder to sediment in your  system and causes infection and diarrhoea
  • Eating red chilli powder which contains the extract of the soap can cause throat and lips swelling along with vomiting. 
  • Artificial food colouring can cause ill effects on the body like restlessness, irritability and much more. 
  • Adulterated chilli powder is highly risky for consumption by kids and elders. 
Pure red chilli powder is rich in Vitamin C and boosts your immune system. 

As absurd as it may sound, many so-called spice suppliers do adulterate the spices using the above. 

Zoff is strictly against this and aims to provide chilli powder which is highly nutritious and natural in its form. 

In general, spices loses it pungency and flavour at 40-degree celsius, but many spice manufacturers grind the chillis at 120-degree celsius

Zoff makes use of the ACM method and grinds the spices at less than 40 degrees celsius. 

Zoff grinds the chillis using Air classifying mills (ACM) as they help sustain the spice’s consistency and pungency at its best form. 

Not many spice manufacturers stand up for what they tell they’ll deliver. Zoff tries its utmost best to provide unadulterated and organic spices at its best form. 

Zoff also packs the red hot chilli powder in an airtight packing and makes it suitable for consumption and storage. 

The gusto that escapes a hot and delicious meal cooked after adding the flavourful red chilli powder will evoke the sense in your taste receptors. To have a soul-satisfying meal, Zoff’s red hot chilli powder is a perfect ingredient that you can add to your food. 

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